Why you should have a wedding dance..

The day has gone wonderfully... 

Your first dance together as Husband and Wife. 

Everyone is watching as you move towards the dance floor and confidently complete an under the arm turn and embrace.  As the music starts you look into each others eyes and in unison move around the dance floor.  Your family and friends are amazed at the grace and style of your first dance together.  A moment to cherish.

This is the highlight of the evening. 

This is why we think learning a wedding dance is important. 

It should be a moment to cherish and relive in the future watching the wedding video with family, friends and perhaps one day with your kids...

Or will it be a time of embarrassment and something you will want to forget?

It had been a long standing tradition for the newly weds to do a wedding waltz together and then with special family and friends.

When coupled dancing became less popular it was normal for the newly weds to simply shuffle around the dance floor gazing at each other.

Well times have changed again and many couples are opting for doing something stunning as their dance so it becomes the highlight of the reception.

Think - what will your guests remember in years to come? 

What they had for dinner or the wonderful surprise of the stunning dance you did?

This return to having a wedding dance is due to a number of factors:

  • Weddings are now videoed and in years to come no one wants to look awkward -they want to capture a special moment to enjoy for all time
  • YouTube is widely used so couples get ideas of what they can, and want to do
  • Other people’s wedding dances are looking good so it is natural to also want to round of that special day in the best possible way
  • More complex and larger weddings

Despite this, it is often left to the last minute, maybe because:

  • One partner is anxious about the dance
  • You don’t realise you can't learn to dance in one lesson
  • You think that someone can fit you in at the last minute – well sometimes we can, but sometimes we can't!

As most couples have never danced Ballroom or Latin before, we would suggest the following.

  • Come in early (at least six months in advance) and learn to dance a number of styles through normal private or group classes at Street Latin Mackay. This makes the choice of wedding dance much simpler and when you do choose it will be much easier to learn.
  • Come in 2 – 3 months in advance of the wedding to allow you enough time to just focus on the wedding dance.

Either way, you will find you have an enormous amount of fun and enjoy spending quality time together. You never know you make continue to do it after your wedding.

Many couples are very nervous on arrival at their first lesson but soon find it is a lot easier than the expected and our teachers make it a fun and enjoyable event. 

Whatever you do, please don’t leave it to the last moment as your life gets really busy with last minute wedding arrangements.

So why should you come to Wedding Dance Mackay for your wedding dance lessons?

  • We will help you find the right music
  • We will style a dance for you that matches your skill level and the outcomes you seek
  • We help you overcome your nerves and make you confident about your dance preparation.
  • We go at your pace of learning and comfort level.
  • We make learning to dance and preparing for the big day great fun and a memorable experience for both of you
  • We will take advantage of any dance experience you may have (however, no previous dance training is necessary).

We work with you to select a dance to meet your special needs:

  • Each wedding dance prepared at Wedding Dance Mackay is special and personalised – whether you want something simple and traditional, or something more funky with changes in song or dance style.
  • We will adapt a dance style to go with your song. We suggest you choose a couple of songs you both love, with different rhythms and pace so you have a choice of dance styles.
  • We take into account the limitations of the dance floor at your venue.

We will work within your budget and we understand the pressures of time leading up to your wedding especially if one or both are working at the mines or shifts. We can work around these issues provided you allow enough time of course. 

Come in for a free consultation with us today. Together we can design a personalised wedding program that suits you and your needs. Let us work with you to make the preparation and execution of your wedding dance the highlight of your Reception.

Our specialist wedding dance teachers will help you create a moment you will cherish and a dance that you and your friends will remember with joy.

© Wedding Dance Mackay 2016